Implementing and maintaining an AED program in your school or organization is easy. George McLatchey, Risk Manager of St. Johns County, FL Schools, created a powerpoint presenting the AED program for St. John’s County School System.  We have used St Johns County School system’s powerpoint to create a template to make it easy for you to make your own presentation according to your needs. You can preview the file here – without animation… Download the complete zipped powerpoint file to customize. You’ll find the file further down the page.

Sample Documents

This document outlines the AED Program Guidelines for St. Johns County School System and can be helpful for those who are looking to implement a similar program. You will find a Word document template that can be downloaded to be customized further down the page.

St Johns County School System AED Program Guidelines

AED Powerpoint as pdf format

Documents for Download

AED Program Guideline template for word

AED Program Guideline template in pdf format

AED Battery & Pad Update & Maintenance log sheet for excel

AED Battery & Pad Update & Maintenance log sheet in pdf format

AED Petition Now School Presentation Template for powerpoint. (Due to size,  this is a zipped ppt-file, about 12mb.)


Additional Resources

These are useful pdf documents from the American Heart Association

AED program

Working Against Time