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At the bottom of this page simply fill out the AED grant application and both email and USPS a copy to us! Also, a Checklist form and a General Release form is available for your county legal department to use/edit.

After Andrew’s death we learned  that an AED may have been locked up inside the school next to the ball field.  This caused the Alliance to challenge:  “Why do we have portable life saving devices that are locked up”?  The Alliance decided to do something to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

This evolved into the concept of a Public Borrow An AED Plan, where AEDs can be checked out free of charge from the Fire & Rescue Department to anyone, church groups, travel sports teams, cheer-leading groups, scouts, etc. to take on trips to safeguard themselves and other families at their destinations.  CPR Certification is a prerequisite because the AED will voice/analogue prompt users to perform CPR at the proper time, if necessary. Alliance advocate and firefighter, Stuart Sullivan, took the bull by the horns and got approval from his Fire Chief and County Commissioners  and, within six weeks, implemented the first ever “borrow plan” .  Camden County currently has five  that are checked out on a regular basis.  This program can be used in virtually any jurisdiction.

  • Cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack. It’s an electrical malfunction that creates an abnormal heart rythm that only a shock from an AED can correct;  chest compressions alone won’t work.
  •  If a person suffering cardiac arrest can have an AED placed on them within the first 3 minutes of the cardiac event, their chance of survival will increase by 90%.  Chances decrease 10% every minute thereafter.
  • The average 911 response time is 10-12 minutes. This is why it’s vital to have these devices readily available to avoid possible brain damage upon resuscitation.


The Camden County Government was recently awarded National recognition from the National Associations of Counties for the “Borrow an AED Program”. The award gives Andrew Cohn and the Andrew Cohn AED Project national recognition and was presented in a ceremony in Oregon in July 2011.

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The AED Petition Now Alliance will provide an AED to Fire & Rescue Departments who are interested in developing a “Borrow an AED program.”

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