12-Year-Old Shares A Profound Message

My  name is Kylee Shea and I am 12 years old. On September 26, 2011 I collapsed at school in the hallway on the way to gym class. I felt fine that morning, just like any other morning. I had no warning but feeling tired enough to want to sit down. That’s all I remember until the helicopter ride to the hospital.

I have an arrhythmia. It caused my heart to go into a nasty pattern which then made it stop. I don’t know what caused my arrhythmia. The doctors don’t even know yet.

But here is what I DO know:

  • My coaches used an AED to save my life. The doctors said my heart needed to be shocked and CPR alone would not have been enough.


  • I DO know that Texas has a law that requires AEDs to be in all schools and I thank God for it.


  • I DO know that if I had been at a place where there was not an AED at the time this happened, I would not have survived.

This can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Your son, daughter, sister, brother, parents….the list goes on. I learned that recently that it’s a miracle that I am alive to tell you about it.

What does this say to me?

It says AEDs and properly trained people need to be in schools and public places nationwide. If that is what it says to me (may I remind you I’m 12), what does it say to you?

Please visit our website www.aedpetitionnow.com and sign up. Any size donation adds up to saving lives!

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